Adding a custom domain to Azure App Service

Adding a custom domain to Azure App Service

Chris Bongers
Β·Sep 27, 2020Β·

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We created our Node hosted Azure app and learned how to auto-deploy from GitHub.

Today we will be looking at running this on a custom domain.

Be aware: Custom domains are not on the free-tier, so you'll need to have a paid account for this! 😭

Custom domain names are very important to define your project, it's all cool if it's a demo or testing environment, but an actual app should run on its own domain.

How to add a custom domain in Azure

First, let's open our App Service and click the Custom domains option on the left.

Azure custom domains section

This will open up the Custom domains menu, and we will be prompted to upgrade out tier if we are on the free tier.

Once you upgrade to a small service, you can click add domain.

Azure add domain

Clicking this will open a side drawer on the right, where we can choose our custom domain. In my example, I'm using

Azure add domain settings

If you scroll to the bottom, you'll see the domain ownership section.

Azure domain ownership

These are the settings we need for our domain host.

The txt is optional, it seems, I only did the CNAME, and that worked well.

Adding the Azure records with your domain registrar

This section is going to be different for wherever your domain is hosted.

My domain is linked to Netlify, so this might be different than your domain.

Go to your Domain settings.

Netlify Domain Settings

Your domain registrar might say something like: "DNS Management"

Now we need to add a DNS record for Azure.

DNS Record settings

My settings include this:

Save these settings.

Now we need to go back to Azure to verify the domain.

Azure verify domain

We need to do the following actions.

  1. Click validate; This will show the Domain ownership marked correct
  2. Then we need to click the Add custom domain button to complete this

And we are done! Go visit your new domain to verify.

Azure custom domain

I turned my custom domain off, to not pay for it πŸ˜…

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