Vanilla JavaScript Quick Testing

Vanilla JavaScript Quick Testing

Chris Bongers
Β·Jul 19, 2020Β·

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I realized today I'm always preaching about getting your hand dirty and testing whatever I write about yourself.

It's proven that if you experience the code and play with it, you are more likely to catch it and keep it in your mind.

So let's dive into quick solutions to test JavaScript!

Codepen Testing JavaScript

A very obvious solution is Codepen. As you can see in my articles, I put in a lot of Codepen links because they make it easy for you to fork and it's just very versatile.

Note: I don't get paid πŸ₯Ί, I like it!

Within Codepen, you can also use compilers, load certain external scripts, etc.!

Have a look at an example on Codepen.

RunJS Local testing

For some small scripts or just a verification, I use a program called RunJS. It works as a small notepad like application but is very quick just to test some JavaScript in.

Local JavaScript Testing

Another thing I tend to do is just make a local folder. Sometimes it's just that much easier to test things locally. Obviously, we can use Chrome or Firefox and open the debug tools to have console.logs or use the debug points.

Let me know what you use!

I love to know what you use to run JavaScript and make proof of concepts or test small scripts.

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!

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