Vanilla JavaScript Chicken or Egg?

Vanilla JavaScript Chicken or Egg?

Chris Bongers
Β·Jul 27, 2020Β·

1 min read

I saw this a couple of days ago and thought it was finally a solution to this ancient problem!

Who was there first the chicken or the egg?

JavaScript Chicken or Egg Sort

var array = ['πŸ₯š', 'πŸ”'];
// (2) ["πŸ”", "πŸ₯š"]

There you go the answer is Chicken!

But let's dive a bit deeper and see how this then worked out for the egg?

var array2 = ['πŸ”', '🐣', '🐀', 'πŸ₯š'];
// (4) ["πŸ”", "🐣", "🐀", "πŸ₯š"]

Hmm weird? Yes this definitely complicates things right?

What are your opinions on this Chicken vs. Egg complication?

View the code on Codepen.

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