Using the shy soft hyphen in HTML

Using the shy soft hyphen in HTML

Chris Bongers
·Dec 16, 2020·

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The other day I created a cool example using the <wbr> HTML tag. And although its a very cool tag on it's own.

There might be a better solution.

We can use &shy this is a soft hyphen in HTML.

It means that it will add a - if the word is too long, else it will just render the word as is.

I'll be using my <wbr> demo to now also add the shy as an option.

HTML shy

How the ­ works

You can basically place the ­ in a word, in places where you want it to enter a soft hyphen when the word is too long for its container.


As you can see, the implementation is the same as we saw with <wbr> however, this not an HTML element but an entity.


In the following demo, I've demonstrated three methods:

  • shy: using the &shy; in the word
  • wbr: using the <wbr> in the word
  • css: using word-break in css.

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