Public talking is liberating, check out some of my talks

Public talking is liberating, check out some of my talks

Chris Bongers
·Apr 25, 2021·

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I love to speak about my profession. I'm passionate about it, and it feels liberating to being fortunate to talk about it with great people.

Since starting my blogging journey I've been on a few talks and love to share these amazing talks with you.

Public talking is a liberator, it comes down to expressing your thoughts on topics, but not one-sided. It's often a two-way communication going on.

The are multiple ways of public talking, for this article I'll drop the talks I've done which are podcasts and a Bootcamp.

JS Bits

The first talk I've ever done was with Bill Coloe, thanks again, Bill!

Bill is also a developer at heart and he asked me for a general interview. Of course, that's something I'm interested in.

In this interview, we talk about blogging, JavaScript, and 3rd party tracking.

You can check out the full interview here:

Hexdevs Podcast

The second public talk was with the Hexdevs podcast hosted by Stefanni Brasil and Thiago Araujo.

I've met Stefanni and Thiago through the Blogging for devs community by Monica Lent.

And Stefanni reached out to me to talk about learning in public, this was around the time I was trying out my Twitch and Youtube live streams when writing in public.

We talk about how I got into blogging, how I wrote a lot of articles, and which ones are the most popular.

You can check this episode here.

Play Hexdevs podcast

Hashnode Bootcamp

After this, I got asked by Hashnode to be a speaker at their Bootcamp. I attended the first Bootcamp, so to be asked as a speaker myself was super cool!

During this talk I've focussed on the topic of: Why should every developer blog? What are the best ways to start a blog in 2020?

Which was a perfect fit, since that was exactly what I did!

You can find the talk here:

Frontend Greatness

And the latest podcast I was asked for is Frontend Greatness by A-P Koponen.

A-P also found me through the Blogging for devs community and reached out to talk about a Peers.

This is such an interesting topic for me, so I immediately said YEs, having peers is super important, in this podcast you'll hear our shared opinions on this topic.

Listen to the Frontend Greatness podcast

Looking for a speaker?

As you may have guessed I love public talking and love discussion or talks about developer topics.

If you are wanting to ask me for a talk, DM me on Twitter.

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!

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