NVM set default version

NVM set default version

Chris Bongers
·Jul 20, 2022·

2 min read

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In a previous article, we learned about NVM, a great way of managing multiple node versions on your machine.

However, you might have most projects running on a specific version of Node. In that case, setting your default NVM version to this Node version might make sense.

Setting a default NVM version

To set the default NVM version, you first have to make sure that version is installed in NVM.

As a reminder, you can install a version like this:

nvm install 16

We can then run the following command to set this as our default version.

nvm alias default 16

Remember, this is one specific query on a version type you can install. Some valid alternatives are:

nvm alias default 16

nvm alias default lts

nvm alias default 12.14.3

You can check which versions you have installed by running the following command.

nvm ls

This will return a list of all the versions you have installed already.

Returning to the system version

Perhaps at one stage, you might want to change to whatever your system uses.

We can run the following command to do that:

nvm alias default system

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