Netlify Drop - the easiest deployment ever

Netlify Drop - the easiest deployment ever

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Alright, so we now made a super cool HTML starter with tailwind, but how can we host this somewhere online, so people can view it?

As you may know, this website is hosted on Netlify, and I love it! The website is hosted through Git push and GitHub actions.

But for this one, I wanted to try Netlify Drop, the simple drag n drop deployment.

Preparing the website upload

Before we can deploy anything, we need to make sure our upload file is ready.

If you are using the demo project (HTML Starter), we'll be using the src directory as the contents we'll upload.

Before that, we need to make sure all the CSS is in place.

Run the following command to build all the assets.

npm run build

Now the files inside the src directory are up to date.

Uploading a static website to Netlify

Now let's head over to Netlify Drop.

Netlify drop interface

Now, drop the src folder on that field above.

Upload on Netlify done

And there we go, nothing fancy needed, just a simple drag n drop, and our website is up and running.

You can visit my website here: HTML Tailwind starter hosted on Netlify.

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