JavaScript string repeat

JavaScript string repeat

Chris Bongers
·Jan 10, 2021·

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Did you know JavaScript comes with a handy repeat() function?

It allows us to repeat a string an x number of times.

This uses to be a tedious process making use of loops or while arrays.

Now we can simply call repeat() on a string.

Making use of JavaScript string.repeat()

As mentioned you can call this function on a string and it will repeat it an x number of times.

This x is the one and only argument it takes.

// 'twotwo'

This makes it far clearer for the code to state a string is repeated two times.

Old-school you might have found yourself doing something like this.

let output = '';
for (i = 0; i < 2; i++) {
  output += 'two';

As you can see a more tedious process. (There are some alternatives, but nothing as simple as calling repeat()).

Browser support

The browser support for the string.repeat is pretty good, only IE can't deal with it.

String repeat browser support

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