JavaScript startsWith and multiple conditions

JavaScript startsWith and multiple conditions

Chris Bongers
·Dec 1, 2021·

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You might have heard of the JavaScript startsWith method. It can check if a particular string starts with another string.

To give you a demonstration it would work something like this:

const string = 'Hi, and welcome from JavaScript';
// true
// false

Checking for multiple conditions with startsWith

But what if we want to check if a string starts with a multiplication of strings?

So let's say Hi and Hello would both be fine.

We could use a conditional statement. However, this might get very unorganized if we decide to allow more strings at a later stage.

However, it would look like this:

const string = 'Hi, and welcome from JavaScript';
const result = string.startsWith('Hi') || string.startsWith('Hello');
// true

Another way is to use the same method on a predefined array. I quite like the simplicity and naming of this method as it really states what's happening.

This is what it looks like:

const result = ['Hi', 'Hello'].some(word => string.startsWith(word));
// true

Feel free to try these out in the following CodePen.

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