JavaScript Remove Duplicates from Array

JavaScript Remove Duplicates from Array

Chris Bongers
Β·Jul 28, 2020Β·

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Today I want to share with you guys the easiest way to remove duplicates in an array with JavaScript.

We are going to be using the Set method for this.

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JavaScript Removing Duplicates from Array

We already had a full overview of the Set function before, but today we are using Set to remove duplicates from an array.

Let's start with the following array:

var array = ['🀟', '🀟', 1, 'abc', '🀟', 1];

As you can see, we have the emoji three times and the number one twice.

So make this a unique non-duplicate array we simply call Set on it.

var array = ['🀟', '🀟', 1, 'abc', '🀟', 1];
var set = new Set(array);
// Set(3) {"🀟", 1, "abc"}

Wow, awesome and simple right!

JavaScript is not always complicated loops and functions; we have to leverage the write commands for the right solution.

Feel free to have a go on this Codepen.

Browser Support

Be aware; Set is not supported in the older IE versions!

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