I quit

I quit

Chris Bongers
Β·Apr 1, 2022Β·

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It's been 735 articles, and I've finally had enough. Time to lay down the keyboard and retire the blog.

Don't worry the blog will keep being online so you can re-read all those 735 articles.

You might wonder, why?

The blog takes a lot of effort every day, and recently I've found myself not finding the motivation to write. The inspiration is there, but putting the words down is becoming difficult.

A big thanks

Thank you to all the people who have read all my articles and supported me in my journey.

You made this blog come to life, and what kept me writing.

I won't take up to much of your time, as I value everyone's time...

So what now?

Now it's time to announce that it's currently April 1st.

So: April fools!

April fools

Of course, I won't stop publishing, I promised to try and do a full year non-stop 🀘

Enjoy this day of jokes and laughter.

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