I finally changed the default Mac mail behaviour

I finally changed the default Mac mail behaviour

Chris Bongers
·Nov 26, 2020·

3 min read

If you're on a Mac and use a Mail client that is not the default Mac Mail this article is for you.

More then once I've clicked a mailto:info@daily-dev-tips.com link and it opens that stupid Mac app instead of your own mail client.

This bugged me so much, so here is how you can change that default behaviour to be an application you want it to be.

The end result: (I'm using Spark)

Mac default mail

How to change the default Mail client on Mac

To actually make this change, we have to open the default Mail app.

Open the Preferences menu for the Mail app.

Mac mail preferences

Now we need to change the default email reader.

Changed default email

That's it. Now your default mail actions will be through whatever you just set up.

I hope it helps you get rid of opening that default mail app by default.

Some good alternatives for Mac

Perhaps you're thinking cool, but what are some alternatives for Mac?

I'm personally using Spark because it comes with swipeable cards which help me maintain Inbox zero.

If your an outlook person, Microsoft Outlook for Mac is pretty good!

I also heard good things about Airmail, but for me, Spark does everything I need, so never tried this one myself.

Perhaps you really like slick UI's and are not afraid to pay a little bit, then check out Canary mail.

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