HTML mark tag a digital marker

HTML mark tag a digital marker

Chris Bongers
·Feb 24, 2021·

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Although Mark is also a name, it's not what this HTML attribute is used for.

Mark is used to describing a highlight of a text, to mark it, or highlight it.

How it works:

<p>This is some <mark>highlighted text</mark> using the Mark tag.</p>

And that will result in:

Mark element in HTML result

Custom styling the Mark tag

We can also add custom styling to our mark tag.

mark {
  background: purple;
  color: white;

This will give the following result:

Mark tag with custom CSS

Common use cases for the mark tag

One place where you often find the mark tag being used is on search result pages.

You'll find the word you were looking for highlighted.

<h3>Search results for "Pikachu"</h3>
<p><mark>Pikachu</mark> is a mouse like Pokémon.</p>
<p>The evolution of Pichu is <mark>Pikachu</mark>.</p>

Search results with mark tag


You can have a play with the following Codepen I set up to showcase the mark tag.

Browser support

The mark tag is really well supported and safe to use.

HTML mark element browser support

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