How to make money with your content?

How to make money with your content?

Chris Bongers
·Nov 17, 2020·

3 min read

If you are spending so much time writing your articles and helping people solve problems, then what's wrong with getting paid for it?

Nothing right!

So today I'll show you how to make money with your content if you are on either one of these websites:

We will be using Coil to get paid, which is an amazing system, you buy a subscription and every hour you spend on one specific content page you'll get $0,36.

As you can imagine it won't make you rich, but this is all early days.

To give you an overview, these are my earning till this day:

Uphold earnings

How does it work

So to understand how this all works, there are two main systems.

If you're in the game to earn money, all you need is an Uphold account.

If you're also in it to give back to awesome writers, you can get a subscription at Coil and start paying other writers for the articles you read.

Once you've set up your Uphold account and created your default payment method, you'll be able to visit the "Add Funds" button on top and click "From Interledger Payment Pointer".

Uphold payment pointer

You will need the link that it shows and starts with:


Getting paid on Hashnode

If you're on Hashnode you can easily add your payment pointer to your profile by visiting your dashboard.

Next click on "Integrations", at the bottom you will see: Web Monetization Payment Pointer.

Paste your uphold link here.

Hashnode uphold integration

Getting paid on

Next, up just as easily allows payouts.

We can go to our settings > Misc > Web Monetization.

There we can add our payment pointer link. uphold integration

Getting paid on Hackernoon

Hackernoon is another blogging platform, and it too can allow payments through uphold.

Once you are logged in on Hackernoon you'll be able to go to Rewards and add your payment link here.

Hackernoon uphold integration

There you go, three platforms where we can add our uphold payment link!

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!

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