Gmail plus make your life easier πŸ˜™

Gmail plus make your life easier πŸ˜™

Chris Bongers
Β·Sep 10, 2020Β·

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3.9 billion users, yes Gmail is massive and has a lot of cool features.

Today we will be looking at the Gmail + plus action to make your life easier!

Nowadays, we get so much email and it gets cluttered quickly.

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Gmail + email address

In Gmail you get a specific email address let's say: or

You can also use a plus to receive certain emails: or

These will arrive in your normal mailbox!

Gmail + address

That is already very cool. You can use it to sign into one service with the same address (Twitter personal + business)

But, we are using it to put emails in certain categories!

Gmail + sign filter

First, go to the filter section and add a new filter:

  1. Settings
  2. Filters and Blocked Addresses
  3. Create a new Filter

Gmail create a new filter

Within this filter, type the email address in the To field.

Filter on To field

Hit the Create filter button

Then we can set up our filter however we like. In my case I'm only sending these emails to a specific category, but you could also mark them as read for instance.

Gmail filter settings

That's it! Emails send to will now end up in my Social category.

Have fun, and create some amazing filters to make your life easier! πŸ˜™

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