Firefox clip-path editor

Firefox clip-path editor

Chris Bongers
·Dec 27, 2020·

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Something my default browser Chrome doesn't have is a cool clip-path editor. Something Firefox does come with, and it can be super helpful to guide you through making cool shapes with clip-path CSS.

The tool can be used to create new clip-paths from scratch or modify existing ones.

It looks like this:

Using Firefox clip-path editor

Firefox clip-path editor

To find the clip-path editor we simply have to open the developer tools:

  • Mac: Shift + + J
  • Windows/Linux: Shift + CTRL + J

Then you can inspect an element that has a clip-path and click the little square image. This will highlight the clipping points on your element.

Firefox finding the clip-path editor

Firefox adding a new clip-path

The editor can not only edit existing clip-paths but also create ones from scratch which can be helpful!

To do so, click the element and add the clip-path code to it.

Firefox new clip-path

As you can see it can be super useful to generate or modify clip-path.

Let's hope Chrome decides to build this in soon!

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