Top 10 Chrome extensions for developers πŸ‘€

Following my article about the top 10 visual studio code plugins and 5 full-stack projects we are now looking at Chrome extensions.

1. Chrome extension really became my go-to extension! They provide a default opening tab that shows you the most awesome dev news. And keep an eye out. You might find one of my articles there.


2. WhatRuns

WhatRuns Chrome extension

I'm sure you ever wondered what stack a website was using? This extension will tell you super quickly what's going on. It even tells you certain versions.

Install WhatRuns

3. Coil

Coil Chrome extension

Coil is a fantastic extension when it comes to getting paid for viewing content. If you ever found yourself reading awesome content, think about getting a Coil subscription.

Install Coil

4. Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly Chrome extension

Although this is more of a "writers" extension, I think everyone can benefit from using Grammarly. The extension works great on all kinds of websites.

Install Grammarly for Chrome

5. Web Developer

Web Developer Chrome extension

I think this is my number one used plugin. It has so many great tools built in, including form fill, cookie clearing, image disabling, and many more!

Install Web Developer

6. Tag Assistant (by Google)

Tag Assistant Chrome extension

Tag Assistant is really awesome, and if you are using it, you can't live without this extension. It will show you all tags and when they will be called.

Install Tag Assistant

7. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Chrome extension

We all love Lorem Ipsum, right? This extension will easily provide you with a bunch of copy that you can use as placeholder text.

Install Lorem Ipsum

8. ColorZilla

ColorZilla Chrome extension

Ever needed an exact color from a website? This extension will give you a nice hex color and has a cool picker. It even copies directly to your clipboard.

Install ColorZilla

9. Window Resizer

Window Resizer Chrome extension

Nowadays, we are working on so many media queries, and it's impossible to "guess" resize them. This tool will give you the exact size of several devices.

Install Window Resizer

10. Lighthouse

Lighthouse Chrome extension

Another great thing that comes in Chrome is Lighthouse. We can use it from the console, but this extension makes it quicker and easier to open a report.

Install Lighthouse

What is your favorite?

Let me know what your favorite Chrome extension is!

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!

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Skay's photo

Another brilliant and useful Post Chris!! God bless you πŸ™‚πŸ™ŒπŸ’ͺ😎

Chris Bongers's photo

My word Skay, You just made my whole Sunday! thank you 🌞

Sabarish Rajamohan's photo

Great list man. I use, Colorzilla, Lighthouse, Grammarly. Tag manager is new for me, looking to try that one. I use Wappalyzer as an alternative for What Runs.

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Sabarish Rajamohan's photo is great! I personally get to know about diverse fields and all at the reach of my new tab. Chris Bongers

Ido Shamun's photo

Yay! Glad you two love our extension πŸ₯³

Jacoboss's photo

A good one is Extensity which you can quickly enable/disable extensions to reduce memory usage.

Chris Bongers's photo

Awesome thank you, going to check it out!


Thanks for the list, its awesome. I use some of 'em and i will try the rest. I also use whatfont, which is the best font identifier out there.

Chris Bongers's photo

Yes, love WhatTheFont! Great addition

Dharmen Shah's photo

Great article... πŸ‘πŸΌ

I also use font ninja to know everything about fonts on the site.

Chris Bongers's photo

Thanks Dharmen, Don't know Fonts Ninja myself, but WhatTheFont is also really cool!

Milica Maksimović's photo

Awesome list!

Btw, Lighthouse is already integrated into Chrome.

If you right click -> inspect, you'll see it in the top bar.

Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 09.15.32.png

Every extension opens up a new process every time you open a new window. If you're on a PC, then it's not that important, but on laptops.... Heh πŸ˜…

Chris Bongers's photo

I know, mentioned it comes in Chrome, but for me, it's quicker to only click the one icon in my tab bar :P

sushil sarwade's photo

try videoquest by videoken, it gives youtube learners a great set of tools like video indexes, inVideoAssesmentQuestions(yes you can turn your youtube videos into Coursera kind of platform) the future is bright and we have great plans on it!.

Chris Bongers's photo

Awesome addition, going to have a look at this one! πŸ‘€

sushil sarwade's photo

Sure, and let me know about your feedbacks πŸ˜„Chris Bongers

Chakradhar Rao Rayasam's photo

Awesome extensions...!!🀩 really helpfulπŸ˜‹ Already using 40% of these....very excited to try the restπŸ˜€

Chris Bongers's photo

Awesome, glad you found some useful ones in there!

Ujah, Emmanuel's photo

Thanks for sharing! πŸ‘

Chris Bongers's photo

You're welcome!

Sandeep Panda's photo

Hey Chris, the formatting looks a bit off. You might want to use H1/H2 for the headings so that the list looks better and easy to skim through. :)

Chris Bongers's photo

Oh darn, something went wrong in copying, thank you Sandeep, fixing this now

Dinys Monvoisin's photo

Thanks for sharing I pick up extensions like WhatRuns and Lighthouse. Now my nav bar is full of extensions.

One other alternative to Grammarly that you forget to mention is LanguageTool. I find it very useful.

Chris Bongers's photo

Not aware of that one, will give it a try thanks!

Tapas Adhikary's photo

Chris Bongers, Good one. Found using only 50% of the list.. Shall try the rest.

Chris Bongers's photo

Awesome, glad they're some you haven't tried before 🀟

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Is it possible to center images on hashnode articles? (: