Removing all vowels with JavaScript

Removing all vowels with JavaScript


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Today we'll look at a nifty solution to remove all vowels in a string using JavaScript.

The idea is that we get a string and have to return the string without the letters aeiou.

JavaScript remove all vowels

Let's dive right into the solution.

const input = 'daily dev tips';

const removeVowels = input.replace(/[aeiou]/gi, '');


// 'dly dv tps'

It works! And yep that's all the code we need, but let's take a closer look at how it works.

The first part is to use the JavaScript replace function to replace a specific match. The first part is the match, for which we'll use a regular expression. And the second part is the replacement.

We could, say, replace the letter i with an empty string like this.

const removeVowels = input.replace('i', '');


// 'daly dev tips'

However, you'll notice it only replaced the first occurrence. And, of course, we can only target one letter at a time. So this is where our regular expression comes in.

We start the regular expression by wrapping it in the / / backslashes. Then we open a pattern matcher with the [] brackets. And in between, we specify which letters should be matched. The last part is to use gi at the end, which stands for global ignore.

  • global meaning to apply it to each occurrence, not just the first one
  • ignore means to perform a case-insensitive search

And that's it. I hope you learned something about removing vowels with JavaScript.

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