I've automated my morning routine 🤖

Call me lazy, but I just love automating things. Today we are automating my morning routine.

You may be wondering what that routine is.

  • Make coffee (Shit, we won't automate this, Yet!)
  • Open 10 tabs

Yes, that last part we are automating using the magic and mighty bash!

See here how cool this project is:

bash chrome opening

Bash opening browser tabs

Note: This script is written/tested on Mac and can differ for you on different machines.

First, we will be making a plain old .txt file that will hold all the pages we want to open:


Now we will be making a bash script to open all browser tabs:

alias google-chrome='/Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google\ Chrome'
while read line; do
    google-chrome --new-tab "$line"
done < ~/www/browser-hack/list.txt

I have defined the alias for google-chrome; I think on windows, you can leave the alias out (untested).

Then we will loop through each line defined in list.txt and call google chrome to open a new tab for that website.

Next, we can add an alias to make it even cooler:

alias morning=~/path/to/script/bash.sh

Now in your terminal type: morning and see the magic happen

Voila, we just hacked our morning routine to be that much quicker!

You can find this project on Github: Browser-hack

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!

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Syed Fazle Rahman's photo

This is rad 🥰 Daily Dev Tips

Chris Bongers's photo

Thanks Syed, you seem like the person who also makes scripts like this for simple tasks?

Peter Thaleikis's photo

Haha nice. Let me know once you got a shell script to make coffee 🍵️

Chris Bongers's photo

Getting my Arduino in today or tomorrow so hopefully soon! 😂

Ritvij Kumar Sharma's photo

Thanks for this post! This stuff looks so good for devs, gonna start writing my bash scripts today ;)

Chris Bongers's photo

Hey Ritvij, nice! glad it inspires you, let us know what your making

Pankaj Patel's photo

Super cool, nice one Daily Dev Tips

Chris Bongers's photo

Thanks! Glad you like it 🙏

Rutik Wankhade's photo

This is crazy. Love this man 🔥

Chris Bongers's photo

Thank you Rutik, automation is the bomb 💣

Skay's photo

Brilliant post!! Love it 🙌

Chris Bongers's photo

Thanks Skay, automate everything! 🔥

Mohd Shad Mirza's photo

Very cool

Chris Bongers's photo

Thanks! Love using bash for simple things

Anibal Ardid's photo

Bash to open tabs ? Please. Try Workona. It saves my life :) I have on it different profiles and change opened tabs between each other so fast.