I've automated my morning routine πŸ€–

I've automated my morning routine πŸ€–


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Call me lazy, but I just love automating things. Today we are automating my morning routine.

You may be wondering what that routine is.

  • Make coffee (Shit, we won't automate this, Yet!)
  • Open 10 tabs

Yes, that last part we are automating using the magic and mighty bash!

See here how cool this project is:

bash chrome opening

Bash opening browser tabs

Note: This script is written/tested on Mac and can differ for you on different machines.

First, we will be making a plain old .txt file that will hold all the pages we want to open:


Now we will be making a bash script to open all browser tabs:

alias google-chrome='/Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google\ Chrome'
while read line; do
    google-chrome --new-tab "$line"
done < ~/www/browser-hack/list.txt

I have defined the alias for google-chrome; I think on windows, you can leave the alias out (untested).

Then we will loop through each line defined in list.txt and call google chrome to open a new tab for that website.

Next, we can add an alias to make it even cooler:

alias morning=~/path/to/script/bash.sh

Now in your terminal type: morning and see the magic happen

Voila, we just hacked our morning routine to be that much quicker!

You can find this project on Github: Browser-hack

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