HTML meter tag

HTML meter tag

Chris Bongers
·Mar 15, 2021·

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Ever needs to showcase a percentage visually? HTML provides us with a super cool meter tag that can be used for this exact purpose.

It looks like this:

HTML Meter tag

HTML Meter attributes

The meter tag in general, works by just typing it as <meter>. However, it comes with some attributes we can leverage.

  • high: What is considered a high value
  • low: What is considered a low value
  • min: Starting point of the meter
  • max: Ending point of the meter
  • value: The current value

Considering this we can create a gauge that is on the low side:

<meter value="1" min="0" max="10" high="8" low="2"></meter>

HTML Low meter

Or we could create a reading that is considered high.

<meter value="9" min="0" max="10" high="8" low="2"></meter>

HTML High meter

Any other value could render in green.

<meter value="5" min="0" max="10" high="8" low="2"></meter>

HTML Meter tag

You can also have a play with the meters on Codepen.

Browser support

The meter element is widely adopted. Just IE has some issues rendering it. You can place a fallback inside the meter element in the form of text or an image.

HTML Meter element browser support

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