10 coding challenges you have to try out

10 coding challenges you have to try out


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Yesterday I gave you five reasons why I love coding challenges, and why you should give them a try.

However, we didn't really dive into finding these coding challenges.

In this article, I'll help you find coding challenges to start solving them.

FreeCodeCamp challenges

FreeCodeCamp logo

FreeCodeCamp is not only a super good resource for people wanting to level up their development game. They also provided real-world and very in-depth coding challenges for you to solve.

The great thing about FreeCodeCamp is that they do not focus on one area. You can choose different languages to try out.

Try out FreeCodeCamp challenges


LeetCode logo

Another immense resource of coding challenges is LeetCode. They provide free and premium challenges you can complete.

The cool part here is that they also include questions asked at some of the bigger tech companies.

They also divided the challenges into categories, so you can really pick a challenge related to your skill level.

Check out LeetCode's challenges


TopCoder logo

TopCoder is a real community treasure. It's full of eager people to solve challenges and talk about the solutions.

They also provide paid challenges, where you can get paid for solving a problem.

This is a really cool space to check out, and especially to compare other solutions from the community.

Try out TopCoder challenges


CoderByte logo

CoderByte is a really cool platform because it has put a lot of detail into the challenges. You can choose which language you would like to solve a specific challenge.

And the cool part to me is that you can see other people's solutions. This way, you can learn and improve even more. They even provide video solutions for some of the challenges.

Check out CoderByte challenges


EdaBit logo

Edabit is a really great source for beginners; it offers a lot of easy to get started with challenges.

And once you master these beginner ones, you can advance to some more advanced queries there.

You can also track your own level and grow on their ranking list.

Try out Edabit


Codewars logo

Personally, I really love Codewars because it includes many community made challenges.

This will give you a lot of different challenges ranging from easy to very hard.

They also provide a lot of different languages you can try out. And if you are stuck or looking for a review on your solution, they offer a great way to discuss the challenge.

Check out Codewars


HackerRank logo

This is a very well-known interview prepping coding challenge platform. It's been used a lot by people preparing for tech interviews. It includes a lot of data structure and algorithm challenges.

They also have sets of challenges you can complete during x number of days, which is a fun way to do them.

They also have a fantastic discussion panel where people share their answers and see their thinking around a solution.

Try out HackerRank


CodeChef logo

CodeChef has a super large community around it, which makes it great if you really want to find the best solution.

They also provide monthly challenges where they post a video explanation at the end.

And they even have a problem of the day. You can also opt to solve challenges with a mentor if you are on the novice coding side.

Solve some challenges on CodeChef


CodePen logo

CodePen is widely known to be a really cool system where you can mainly set up pens, which are try-out demo code editors.

Many people use these to showcase some HTML/JavaScript to other people.

And they do offer great monthly challenges if you are interested in the more UI kind of challenges.

They offer themed challenges, a super fun way to level up your skills.

Try out CodePen challenges


CodinGame logo

CodinGame is, as the name suggests, a gamification way of solving challenges. You basically solve a puzzle to fix a game and see the solution take place.

This is a super fun way to explore problem-solving. They also support many languages and a quickly growing community around them.

Have some fun with CodinGame


There are often small challenges that emerge for a short amount of time.

Think about Hackathons, Advent coding challenges, or company set challenges.

I did not mention these in the main article as they often are only valid for the short term, but they are worth keeping an eye out for.

They often even allow you to collaborate with other people and are larger in the setup, so you can really test your game.

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